Utrecht and Maastricht – August 2016

We rented a car in Amsterdam and headed off to Utrecht, an hour from Amsterdam. Found a great little restaurant for a late breakfast, then walked through the old town of Utrecht. We stopped here and in Maastricht based on a recommendation from our friend Ernie Verkade. Thank you Ernie, both places were very special and unique. Utrecht has a beautiful cathedral and a medieval centre. We walked around the town for about an hour, then back on the road to Maastricht for the night.

The cathedral in Utrecht, specifically the cloister.
The canals in Utrecht

If not mentioned before, the weather here in this part of Europe is hot, hot, hot…..+30 every day since we arrived on Tuesday. The air conditioning in the hotels are having a hard time keeping up. We are sweltering in the afternoon, so usually back to our hotels for a couple of hours, then off again for dinner and evenings strolls. The light in the evening is so wonderful, great for picture taking. 
In Maastricht, a beautiful hotel just off the old town. We wander through the old town and stop at a riverside cafe for our first Dutch apple pie. Normally would be accompagnied by coffee/tea, but by gosh it is so hot, I opt for a Radler (lemon flavoured beer) and Robin has a dark ale. Yummers…but need to return to hotel to cool down for an hour or so, before we head out again. Wonderful fresh fish for dinner. 

Robin enjoying the view from a bridge in Maastricht
Both Utrecht and Maastricht very pedestrian and bike friendly. Robin and I often think what would we do without a GPS in the car….then we remember the days we drove in Europe many years ago with just maps and did just fine!

2 thoughts on “Utrecht and Maastricht – August 2016

  1. Thanks,Claire, for the update. I’m glad you had summer weather, as we are freezing out here—9 this morning and only 14 this pm.


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