Last days in Porto

Well, we have been able to add two more Unesco World Heritage Sites to our list. The Douro Valley and the City of Porto. We have now visited 121 Unesco World Heritage Sites in our travels, but this still only represents 10% of the sites.

Went to the Guarnany Cafe for coffee/tea on Tuesday morning, another of the old classic cafes in Porto. It was founded in 1933 and is decorated in an art deco style. It was known as an artists cafe and catered to the artsy crowd. We opted to share a desert crepe with our drinks and it was delicious…..chocolate, whipped cream and ice cream…..what is not to like.

A mural in the Guarnary cafe

Hop on the tram to get to the grocery store and simply spend a relaxing day in the City.

Our time in Porto has come to an end and we have so enjoyed this city. On to our next adventure.

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